6am at the garage


Contrary to popular belief, the birth of 6am at the Garage did not involve a sobering sunrise peering through a corrugated carport. Rather, separation anxiety inspired a shared project, which ultimately came in the form of their digital publication. Several months later, a drunken request for a spontaneous back to back proved the accident that gave birth to their DJ pairing of the same name.

Beyond the online platform, Liam and Benny's influence within the dance community has flourished over the past two years, most notably via their weekly smoke-filled and sweat-laden rave, Lucid. Individually, their taste and understanding of the scene have led to roles curating bookings for two of Melbourne’s longest running venues- Liam at Lounge and Benny at The Night Cat.

As DJs, their selections may traverse genres and time, but their ethos stays put... PLAY FOR THE PARTY. Whether the night is yearning for a rave throwback or the sunshine demands something balearic, the boys seem to always have the solution. This diversity has been widely recognised, as 6am at the Garage usually find themselves being the longest name on heavyweight lineups. They have been trusted to throw down with acts such as Detroit luminary Rick Wilhite, as well as UK jazz futurists K15 & Henry Wu, and are an almost yearly fixture on the Strawberry Fields lineup. If it wasn't for Mania being so bloody fun, Liam and Benny's weekly residency there would have been highly memorable as well. 

The late Frankie Knuckles once said "the minute you think you're better than the music, you are finished.” If that’s the case, then Liam and Benny have lost sight of the finish line.