albrecht la'brooy


Melbourne improvisers Sean La’Brooy and Alex Albrecht modernise the classic jazz format while walking ambient music through the rainforest and down to the shore. Absorbing Australia’s landscape to craft enlightened, on the fly performances that are never to be missed and never to be repeated. 

Their record label showcase events aim to engage and captivate the audience whilst offering a holistic, immersive experience for the patrons. They've been involved in Melbourne Music Week at Melbourne Town Hall, Swell Music Festival at Fort Nepean (Mornington Peninsula), The National Gallery of Victoria Annual Dinner, The PS Art Gallery in Fremantle, Melbourne Film Festival at The Forum Theatre and MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens just to name a few.

Their label Analogue Attic Recordings is a backyard cross-pollination of ECM and refined contemporary electronic labels Mule and Dial. Analogue Attic aims to showcase the gentle side of electronic music down under, and has so far released 11 records, with over 5000 units sold globally.


James Ware: