Andras is the stage name of Andrew Wilson (1988), an Australian musician who’s earned acclaim for his unpredictable take on dance music. His soft focused abstractions cut a broad path through ‘90s underground house, soundtrack and ambient music. His work is loosely based around drum machine rhythms and soft synthesis; smoothing over nature-machine and industrial-relaxation binaries and enjoying the slippage.

The soundtrack work Overworld marked a significant departure from his previous work, introducing a new alias Art Wilson. The album playfully explores the dance-performance themes of nature and astrology while sticking with familiar low-budget synth and drum machine instrumentation. Andras also maintains an ongoing collaboration with vocalist Oscar Key Sung, with a string of vocal releases on Dog records. Recorded at his suburban family home, his last release payed homage to his plumber father whilst delving back into sample based house music cliches.

In addition to his production work, Andrew hosts Strange Holiday Radio on Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7fm where he champions a diverse mix of local and Australian music. In addition to radio-podcasts and mixes, there are compilations and re-issue projects in development with Noise in my Head's re-issue offshoot label Efficient Space.


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