bronze savage


Hailing from Cold Ibiza, Bronze Savage has been fast-forwarding the slow pace of Tasmania, sowing seeds for an emerging club scene. Responsible for Rose Quartz - an unparalleled two day music and arts festival along Lake Pedder’s crystalline beach, the charismatic vibe guy has also introduced the likes of Jack J, Bradley Zero, András and Kangaroo Skull to the deep south.


From such long distances, his gravitational pull has led to releases on two esteemed overseas labels. Tings and Savage, his highly caffeinated collab with Roland Tings was an early hit for Vancouver’s 1080p, while Manchester imprint Aficionado (Len Leise, Eleventeen Eston) issued his solo 12” in September 2016, featuring 5 tracks of transportive glasshouse made with cheap 80s digital synths in Bunyip, Victoria.

A versatile DJ who has jacked Dark Mofo afterparty Blacklist and the opening of Marina Abramovic’s Mona exhibition, his developing live show has already supported Oscar Key Sung, Dan White and Roland Tings.


James Ware: