Consulate is the production and DJ alias of Alex Campbell of Perth, Western Australia. As one half of techno outfit Senate, he reserves most club-ready gear for that project - his solo output veering away from the 'floor and aiming a twisted grimace towards the salvaged carrion of jungle, techno, industrial, dubstep and ambient music; decaying soundscapes locking eyes with digitised machine funk and martial ambience that is more Apocalypse Now meets No U-Turn than Jeff Mills. With recorded works shifting stylistically between scorched-earth techno; NDW-informed electro and ghoulish synthscapes, Consulate places higher value on capturing a sense of place, mood or fleeting attempt at emotional resonance than maintaining an output of danceable fodder.

As a DJ, he moves considerably farther from the kind of grave bruxism that defines his recorded output, favouring an off-the-cuff - but carefully considered - attitude towards track selection that leads to extended, genre-spanning sets broaching techno, new-wave, found-sound samples and jungle.


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