die orangen


Whispered words from the ancient earth. The biosphere metaphorically battered by dusty drum machines, synth swept landscapes, industrial hooks that ring out from the barren outback. Was ist das?

Die Orangen are Australian-expats Kris Baha and Dreems, blown off course from their native land and swept onto the European continent. Together, through their experience they have crafted a genre: “Krautback.” Rooted in indigenous psychedelia, resonating the vast expanses of the island of Gondwanaland, turnt up by progressive cultures, and multiplied by the logic of the Germanic mind.

2019 brings about a change in the atmosphere, a culmination of their previous efforts that can be felt on their debut player ‘Zest’ and a step forward along the winding road of sonic exploration in the series of ‘Saft’ 12”s coming out through Malka Tuti.

A new album in the works (dropping in Fall) will be backed up with a new live show, new haircuts, clean(er) laundry and louder machinery controlled by the new men in town.

Hear the sound of the Southern sun melt genres, feel it flow downstream into a languid ocean of sound.Beware the punch of the modular marsupial, a bite from the deadly synthesised snake, the neon stare in a tree-frogs eye, and the bleached siren call of the coral reef - these wild sonic reveries ominously soundtrack the future that Die Orangen have in store.


Nick Saw: nick@watartists.com