dj sarah


DJ Sarah is no stranger to the dance floors of Melbourne. Her experience in the booth has seen her develop an expertise for crafting captivating sets. DJ Sarah has the ability to weave between genres and energies demonstrating her skill and knowledge in her field.

Her ability to attune herself to the dance floor has been honed for years after immersing herself in the local music scene. It’s this wealth of experience performing in a range of venues and as one part of Interstellar Fugitives that has informed her home in the industry. Interstellar Fugitives is her collaborative project with Georgia Bird that has seen her play at the likes of Beyond the Valley, Falls Festival and Pitch Music and Arts Festival. This is along with the creation of Neurotiq Erotiq, a party demonstrating the musicians and sounds that inspire the duo.

DJ Sarah’s broad musical palate displays a relationship between techno, house and all of their by-products that take audiences to an inclusive and harmonious space that represents diversity and variety.


James Ware:

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