eleventeen eston


Pop? Suburban library music ? A soundtrack to a TV world that nobody asked for? EE’s music takes pleasure in its own being. It indulges. Pinging it across the ocean, 2 strokes fumes and a midnight swim, salty. Its pink and sunburnt, scientific, siesta on the crest where hope meets desire. But it doesn’t matter what it is, its a world unto its own, which is why it feels so good.

Eleventeen Eston is the studio project of John Tanner; an Australian instrumentalist, Dj & producer. 2014 saw EE’s wood panel dazzler ‘Delta Horizon’ c/s debut via LA based label Not Not Fun Records.  Since then EE has spent time producing mixes for the likes of Noise in My Head & Things of Life, has released singles on compilations via  UK based record labels Rüf Kutz & Aficionado Recordings & moonlighted as 1/2 of the Neo-New Age project Wilson Tanner with András.

EE’s much anticipated follow up LP is due out in early 2018 via Hamburg label Growing Bin Records.


James Ware: james@watartists.com