female wizard

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Female Wizard creates dance-floor experiences that expand the heart and mind. Taking a conceptual, energy-based approach as a DJ, she conjures future visions. Never staying dogmatic to any one genre, feeling or ideal, Female Wizard draws on exciting and intersectional producers who are making forward-thinking, experimental club music. Using three CDJs, she manipulate dancers’ consciousness through loops, layers and samples.

 The ideas behind this approach feed into her club night, Powertrip. With the night’s co-creator, fellow non-binary DJ, MTLDA, Female Wizard makes party magick derived from the following values: WELLBEING, ACCESSIBILITY, AMPLIFICATION, ENERGY and COMMUNITY. Powertrip seeks to be a platform for inspiring, ecstatic social change.

 Performing under her previous stage name, Brooke Powers, Female Wizard has played sets around Australia, at Golden Plains, Dark Mofo, Freedom Time, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Boiler Room and many more. For three years she’s held an ongoing residency at cult Melbourne club night, Le Fag.


Georgie Madden: georgia@watartists.com