interstellar fugitives


Interstellar Fugitives was founded upon a mutual love of breaks, jungle and the 90’s rave scene. Named after the Underground Resistance album from 1988, Interstellar Fugitives is a project which pays homage to the past as much as it does the future. 

Since DJ Sarah and Georgia Bird joined forces to create Interstellar Fugitives, they’ve made a name for themselves in the competitive Melbourne scene, with appearances at Boney, The Gasometer, Revolver and xe54, and most recently stepping up into the role of residents at Lounge’s Saturday night party; Lucid. Interstellar Fugitives have been billed for large scale events like Pitch Music and Arts Festival, Beyond The Valley and Falls Festival.

On top of their DJ work, the two co-founded the Neurotiq Erotiq party, which gives them a platform to showcase their sound and cultivate a likeminded community of listeners and musicians.


James Ware: