Krakatau was formed in 2010 by James Tom and Dylan Lieberman, two friends sharing a common interest in the freeform side of late '60s/early '70s psychedelic music, progressive rock and keyboard dominated soundtrack music. As time passed, their influences shifted in direction to that of long form jazz composition, minimal music, and progressive left field sounds.

2016 saw a frenzied obsession with the blistering release of Tharsis Montes/Apogean Tide 12” on Growing Bin Records, after which the self-described ‘totalitarian sci-fi meets public access jazz band' went on to headline Western Australian festival Camp Doogs and tour the east coast in 2017.

Krakatau has always been a performance-based group that, while influenced in large part by music from the past, applies these influences with a self-aware, modern ear. In turn this helps to create a sound that, rather than mere mimicry and simulacra, is an interpretation of a wholly 'otherworldly space.’


James Ware: