In just a few years Millú (aka Milly Davison) has crafted a solid post in Melbourne’s diverse DJ offering. Having quickly ascended through the radio booth and onto the mainstage, Millú has refined her skill as a selector capable of working all kinds of dancefloors.

Her sets are deeply considered - carefully scrutinised selections that ride the energy of a room with vigour. A champion of Antipodean artistry, Millú's collection is drenched with releases from local labels both old and new. An early love of kraut and psychedelic music inspires her regular show ‘Dischord’ on Melbourne’s Skylab Radio, and this affinity often finds its way into her sets at the perfect time. Her sound is eccentric, led by a distinct ability to saunter between genres and tempos, challenging perceptions of when and where certain records should be played.

Millú trades in a commodity of heavy rhythms, big basslines, and tightly flowing mixing, making it impossible to leave the floor. Recently bestowed the honourable duty of closing out Golden Plains Festival 2019 and boasting appearances at Inner Varnika and Hopkins Creek, Millú has become a name in demand.


Georgia Madden: