No other DJs have been better groomed to steer Melbourne in the right direction as disheveled duo, Otologic. Whether they’re growing their own local residencies, bringing international talent to Melbourne or being called upon to warm up for such legends as DJ Harvey and Andrew Weatherall (amongst an impressive list of others), Otologic are cult figures of Melbourne’s underground. Their services have even been utilized further ashore in support of James Murphy and J.G. Wilkes at Glasgow’s famous Sub Club.

Given the opportunity, they crafted their own party where they had complete control of the music, the smoke machine and the strobe light. In 2009, from the depths of the Mercat Basement emerged their monthly party, C Grade, a resurrection of a party in which they were once residents. Today, Otologic’s 8-hour sets continue to draw people less concerned with a scene, than with music. These vast tracts of time at the turntables afford Otologic a wonderful opportunity, which they do not waste. On any given C Grade, the hours will be wiled away with a diverse range of music from acid house to disco and everything in between. Joined by friend and colleague, Tornado Wallace, Otologic has been curating this monthly party for over four years, each one finishing at a more ridiculous hour than the last. 

With their DJ profile growing, in 2010 they co-founded the Animals Dancing brand as a way of presenting their favourite international talent to Melbourne. From the die-hard Detroitism of Marcellus Pittman and Rick Wilhite, to New York party-starters such as Eric Duncan and Justin Vandervolgen, to the European styles of Prosumer and Hunee - at Animals Dancing, Otologic are passionate about quality and diverse acts.

And where taste-making and educating are one important attribute of any DJ, versatility is another quality that Otologic bring to floors across Melbourne. Regular fill-ins at the Toff’s flagship Saturday night, The House de Frost, which saw Otologic playing 5 hour disco sets through the restored Bozak mixer. Otologic are also past residents and now monthly guests at the world renowned Revolver nightclub, as well as having run the monthly party ‘Inside Out’ at New Guernica.

Do not hesitate to fling yourself with abandon on Otologic’s bandwagon. Your ears will be better for it.



James Ware: james@watartists.com