Long time listener, first time caller Pjenné may have only recently shifted on to the dark side of the booth, but what she lacks in hours in front of a dance floor she makes up for in years of listening, learning, and dancing on one.

Pjenné is a versatile purveyor of vibe matched only by those who have been buying and playing records for years. With a record collection that boasts an exquisite taste for blue eyed soul, modal, spiritual jazz and the uplifting yet hedonistic roots of disco, you have a fine selector.

All-embracing when it comes to style, she finds harmony in diversity which is reflected in a range of regular slots across Melbourne’s favourite spots, Lost Weekend, Wax’o Paradiso, Daydreams and Lucid. This ability to play such a diverse mix of music has seen Pjenné’s appearance behind the dusty decks at Strawberry Fields and supporting the likes of international selectors such as Jack J and Bradley Zero. 


Georgia Madden: georgia@watartists.com