rings around saturn


Rings Around Saturn is one of many production aliases from Melbourne native Rory McPike.  Since 2014 he has released records on various formats and labels from the UK to Canada and worked closely with a small community of upcoming Australian labels.  The hardware centric studio experiments are just as suited to home listening as they are in a club setting and live sets often range from ambient to electro and into the fringes of bass music and jungle.

A heavy interest in Science Fiction literature and films dictate his aesthetics and approach to producing music over anything else.  His desire to take sound palettes from classic eras of music and re-mould them with a mixture of vintage and current equipment into works that are characteristically modern, experimental and constantly pushing himself into new territories with each new release. 

2017 saw the follow up to his sought after record and Analogue Attic's second release, Erosion. The Part Two of this release is possibly the most club centric A-side to date but it melts back into a 17 minute ambient b-side restoring the balance. This was followed up with a well received double pack on the Firecracker sub-label Unthank Records which saw the club music switched out for experiments in electro, bedroom boogie and woozy electronics.  Sky, or space is the limit for R.A.S in 2018 and beyond.  The only certainty is his sound will continue to evolve and move into unexplored terrain.


Glyn Hill: glyn@watartists.com