river yarra

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River Yarra is the performance name of Raudie McLeod, a musician, producer and DJ from the Nillumbik Shire of Victoria. He developed his musical foundation as a percussionist in the Eltham High School Symphonic Band alongside many classical and jazz performers as well as post-ambient artist Nico Niquo.

In 2017 he released the self titled Tambo’s House EP on Vulcan Venti which he founded with fellow Melbournian Liluzu. Later that year saw River Yarra relocate to Paris where he would join forces with Zaltan, PAM and Nico Motte as part of the Antinote crew. He released #Lucky #Boy in 2018 on Antinote which was described as being “extremely weird and wonky” and “possessed by some sort of creative algorithm.”

With an ear for oblique sounds and a want to connect with the next wave of European youngsters he set up Dance Party at Le Grand Marché Stalingrad which would see him team up with Aki Aki and Rasputin AKA the Phaserboys of Salon des Amateurs fame and Belec from the cult Parisian party BISOUS. Around the same time he set up a new label Super Utu, releasing POISON, the collaborative effort of DJ Plead and T.Morimoto.


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