tourist kid


Born in Silicon Valley & residing in Melbourne, Australia, experimental electronic musician Tourist Kid (Rory Glacken) is infatuated with the fake.. Self described as “computer shoegaze”
Glacken approaches the concept of ambient & drone music recklessly; processing adopted &
synthesized sound sources to create a rich yet abstract latticework.

Inspired by Early AM post clubbing commutes & informed by coming to terms with tinnitus, A
Circulation, released on cassette by This Thing in 2016 & his latest release via Good
Company Records filters motifs of dance music through the stencils of wooly ambient music &
minimalistic compositions. His forthcoming material draws influences from Landfill &
Windham Hill Records. His Live PA, often accompanied by generative visuals, runs the gamut
of frequencies, emotions & colours, having supported artists like Wilson Tanner, Kane Ikin &
Jonny Nash.

Operating in a DJ capacity as DJ Aldi, his sets share a similar thread of the off-kilter, minimal & strange-yet- endearing.


Jo Lettenmaier: