whiskey houston

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Whiskey Houston is a dance floor authority. Her distinctive sound is born from a long­standing love of disco in all its incarnations, and is marked by an extensive knowledge and respect for its history and cultural roots. Disco, as Houston sees it, is a genre with many faces, in constant dialogue with its new beat, wave, techno and house derivatives. With this in mind she plays wildly energetic sets that flow seamlessly from light to dark. From churning, synth laden Italo to euphoric big room ballads, it is Houston’s versatility that truly marks her one of Melbourne’s most invigorating DJs.

Whiskey Houston has long been at the forefront of Australia’s queer dance scene, most notably as co­host of Melbourne’s own “gay ass disco”, The Outpost. Her refined command of the more soulful side of disco and house has seen her grace sound systems across the country and internationally throughout the past decade, unrivalled in her ability to erupt dancefloors into a state of euphoria. With a persistent curiosity she is constantly shaping her darker, more abstruse alter­ego: taking the fundamentals of disco and leaving a sweaty, heaving mass in its place. This is the Houston of the after­hours: the throbbing, nostalgic, bass­driven manifestation of her other half.

At her core is a deep­set love for the music, a passion for a united dance­floor, and a unique ability to make people want to move.


Georgia Madden: georgia@watartists.com